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With more than 1 million members, the ESCU is the biggest political body representative of senior citizens. We want every member country to put into practice our guiding principle:


“We senior citizens are the mainstays of society in a changing world!”

• We recognise the calling of mankind to engage in freedom, solidarity and justice.

• We know that economic success, justice and solidarity are not exclusive but complement each other.

• We strive towards an active civil society, which works on a principle of freedom with responsibility.

• We call therefore for personal independence and ask for only as much help from the state as is absolutely necessary

• We say “Yes” to all ages from birth to death as Nature has ordained for us. We celebrate the abilities and creative power of the over-50s and 60s which society today desperately needs.


Our mission:

•  Cooperation

•  Collaboration

•  Co-determination

•  Co-responsibility


Historical Background of the European Senior Citizens’ Union (ESCU)

Founding of ESCU: 07/11/1995 in Madrid

Member countries in the ESCU:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Within these 24 countries - 37 organisations.


Europäisches Zentrum für Arbeitnehmerfragen (EZA) – (D)

Ukrainian Association of Retired Persons (USU) – (UA)

Our Generation – (BY)

Christian Democratic Appeal – (NL)

Programme of ESCU established in the Declaration of Vienna 1996.


The ESCU adopts a position:

on the assumption of an accountable freedom in the relationships between the individual and society in the discussions about human dignity and on solidarity between the generations.


Our objective is:

An active citizen’s society as a concept of forward-looking action.

Active citizens’ society means a new distribution of work and duties between the state, citizens and free social groups through mutual and complementary cooperation in tasks.


The active citizens’ society replaces centralistic, authoritarian super-structures of the state and thus recognises only a subsidiary welfare policy that finds its continuity in voluntary solidarity and ends in the state organised solidarity for those evidently in need of help.


Board of the ESCU:

President : Dr.Bernhard Worms (Germany)

Secretary General : Ingeborg Uhlenbrock (Germany)

Honorary president : Elisabeth Dispaux-Cornil (Belgium)

Honorary president : Prof.Nicolas Estgen (Luxemburg)

Vice-President : Ambassador retired Prof.Nikolay Andréev (Bulgaria)

Vice-President : Iris Casselden Farndale (United Kingdom)

Vice-President : Carlo Fatuzzo (Italy)

Vice-President : Dr.Marilies Flemming (Austria)

Vice-President : Elke Garczyk (Germany)

Vice-President : Leif Hallberg (Sweden)

Vice-President : An Hermans (Belgium)

Vice-President : Maria Mantziafou-Kanellopoulou (Greece)

Vice-President : Jouni Mykkänen (Finland)

Vice-President : Carmen Quintanilla Barba (Spain)

Vice-President : Ann Räämet (Estonia)

Vice-President : Dr.Hella Ranner (Austria)

Board Member, Treasurer : Dr.Edeltraud Paul (Austria)

Board Member, Rapporteur : Dr.Hermann Berié (Germany)

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