We consider popular wisdom "Rolling stone gathers no moss" to be one of the most significant principles of social activities. Providing active actions in the public interest you achieve improvements in the economic, social and cultural spheres. 


The activity of UARP is aimed at specific positive changes in the life of the seniors and other members of the Association.  It is indicated by the nature and content of the programs that have been developed and further introduced together with our partners.


Thus Ukrainian Association of Retired Persons has developed and implemented a range of programs, aimed at improvement of life quality, social protection of older people, availability of those vital values of which significant part of our society is deprived.


UARP programs include such areas like welfare, cultural and educational interests of citizens of pre-retirement age, as the satisfaction of those values depends considerably on the well-being of each senior: either member of UARP or any other representative of Ukrainian society.


Among the most important programs of the Association to date are:


- Dialogue of generations;


- Cultural program;


- Adult education;


- Informational support;


- Fast legal assistance;


- Discount program for goods and services;


- Affordable housing;


- Active longevity;


- Affordable health insurance program.


We are happy to get assistance from local authorities in the implementation of our programs in different regions of Ukraine. We are still ready to continue our cooperation with state authorities in the social, economic, cultural and educational spheres.

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