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"The First Pension Guidance Centre" Has Launched Its Work!

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"The First Pension Guidance Centre" Has Launched Its Work!

Today one of ordinary pensioners' most pressing issues are questions about pensions, which include retirement time, pensionable service, rates and types of the retirement pension, etc. The majority of Ukrainian citizens approache our association with these particular questions.

Therefore, we have established a specialized service, which is to provide advisory support regarding the pension provision at present stage.

Considering the fact that according to the international standards seniors' public institutions should include elderly people aged 50+, therefore planning one's pension provision beforehand, namely before the retirement age, has become a vital question.  Everyone should realize that it is absolutely impossible to plan your retirement today for tomorrow! You have to spend years preparing for the most important period of your life.

Actually, this is precisely the work objective of "The First Pension Guidance Centre", where expert assistance is offered not only to retirees, but also to senior citizens who plan their retirement, as well as other people interested in this topic.

Dear seniors!  Please plan your pension provision competently and in advance!  Keep in check your pensionable experience and deductions to the Pension Fund in order to have a secured and carefree golden years.

"The first Pension Guidance Centre" works for you!

Advisers of "The First Pension Guidance Centre" are waiting for you at the address:

47 G Khoryv St. (entrance from side of the yard)

Un.St. “Kontraktova Ploscha”


Tel.: +38 (044) 425-03-57, (067) 354-54-75, (063) 234-74-00.

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