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Healthy life-style
Never too late
Never too late It wasn't the toll from lugging a heavy tool box to work that finally sent Ray Clark to the gym. It was something more profound. He lost his wife of 67 years. Then he lost his daughter. He was looking for something to fill the empty hours. "I was getting a little lazy at home, and I decided I'd go down to the exercise club," he recalled. That was more than three years ago... Forward>>
Healthy life-style
Staying forever young
Staying forever young Thirty years on, Pat Kenny looks like he hasn’t aged. Kenny is 65 today, but it’s hard to believe the popular broadcaster has reached retirement age. What is the secret to his youthful appearance and which other male celebrities are aging well (or not so well)? Pat hasn’t put on much weight — he cycles regularly (including a two-hour charity cycle in 2011) and often walks his dogs on south Dublin... Forward>>
Healthy life-style
What Every Woman Needs to Know in 2013
What Every Woman Needs to Know in 2013 (NewsUSA) - Aging gracefully is made easier through a focus on maintaining good health as you age. For women especially, this is no easy feat. But, as women age, maintaining a healthy lifestyle remains important, and there are a few issues that should be top of mind in 2013. Diet and lifestyle choices must be tailored to address common women's health issues, including the risk... Forward>>
Healthy life-style
Whole body vibration may help elderly get up and go
Whole body vibration may help elderly get up and go WHEN the elderly can’t exercise, stints on a vibrating platform may help older adults become slightly stronger, faster and more agile, say Spanish scientists. Exercise is the best option for good health in older age, says Dr Alba Gómez Cabello, lead author of a new study, who studies growth and exercise at the University of Zaragosa. But for those unable to perform aerobic exercise, this vibration technique... Forward>>