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They Can't Hang Up
They Can't Hang Up According to the National Consumers League, nearly a third of all telemarketing fraud victims are age 60 or older. Studies by AARP show that most older telemarketing fraud victims don’t realize that the voice on the phone could belong to someone who is trying to steal their money. Many consumers believe that salespeople nice young men or women simply trying to make a living. They may be pushy... Forward>>
Be careful - scammers are becoming active!
Be careful - scammers are becoming active! There is no “lucky man” in the modern world, who would never have encountered a fraud or deceit in his life. Fraud is becoming more widespread and sophisticated - it is exceptionally diverse, quickly adapts to certain circumstances and is able to improve. Fraud - is a type of theft. Fraud from the point of view of the criminal law is "a crime, that means an acquisition of other people's property... Forward>>