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Rivne pensioners [ +photo] were taught how to create financial plans

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The Parable about Poverty and Wealth Poverty and Wealth came once to a man and asked him: - Which of us you think is nicer? The man got scared and said to himself, "If I say that Poverty is nicer, then Wealth might get angry and leave me. On the other hand, if I say that Wealth is nicer, then Poverty might take offence, and plague the life out of me". The man thought it all over some time and said eventually: - I cannot decide when you stand stock-still. Why do you not walk up and down. Poverty and Wealth started strolling in front of the man. He looked at them and said:

- You, Poverty, look very good from behind, when you go away. And you, Wealth, are wonderful at the moment when you come up!

Author: Tamara Tkach

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