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Rivne Pensioners Have Tried the Medical Dancing Therapy

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A masterclass for the dancing and motor therapy called "Everyone loves dancing” has been conducted in Rivne for the age category "50+".

We have spoken a lot about Rivne pensioners who try to live an active life. Excursions, visiting theatres, museums, exhibitions, meeting with creative people and representatives of the Pension Fund, cardiologists, dieticians, financiers, priests, writers, organising recitals, concerts and summer reciting sessions… it's not exactly a complete list of what has been organized and conducted by the Rivne regional branch of  the Ukrainian Association of Retired Persons together with Rivne Regional Universal Scientific Library for people of advanced age in our city for less than a year.

It was a mystery whether the older generation would accept dancing. However, that meeting inspired not only pensioners, but also their coach as well as employees of the Art Department of the regional library where, in fact, these events take place.

Dancing therapeutist Yevheniya Olkhova conducts trainings, masterclasses, group therapy courses, delivers lectures. She explained and showed our pensioners a bit of everything. The class itself began with an explanation of the dancing therapy and how it differs from ordinary dances.

Then, they started a warm up to music. What a complete relaxation… it was surprising that seniors completed all the tasks thoroughly and correctly. They even managed exercising on one foot.

And then a lively vintage dance, but not a usual one. They had to repeat moves performed by one of partners. It meant that one showed some moves and the other one had to repeat them all in sequence. And there was the Argentine tango in the end.

Emotional, great and, most importantly, healthy! Thank you Eugenia that you helped pensioners return their youthfulness, taught them how to work on themselves, and even suggested organising a training group. Pensioners, of course, will get discounts.

Tamara Tkach

Ukrainian Association of Retired Persons

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