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Thanks to Those, Who Is With Us

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Dear friends,

This is a splendid opportunity to speak to all of you and everyone! The Ukrainian Association of Retired Persons celebrates its 16th anniversary on June 30, this year  

Exactly 16 years ago (I was 33 back then), our friends and sympathizers - respected seniors, who cared for the fate of millions of Ukrainian pensioners - supported my idea to establish our non-governmental organization. 

We have not changed our status for all these 16 years: we are and have always been a voluntary, non-partisan, unprofitable association, even though many simply do not believe this.

 Our team has never tried to go into politics in order to fight for a place in the cabinet and parliament. We have not, and won't ever try to obtain material benefits at the expense of the elderly.  

Today, we are glad to see among our friends all seniors of Ukraine, regardless of ideological views, religious and political beliefs. We're delighted to see new faces on the pages of our social networks, and understand that we are becoming stronger thanks to them. 

We welcome straight talks, lively discussions, and proposals to improve our everyday performance. Now, our team has been reinforced with young and ambitious people, who work for you 24/7.

You and we are great force! We are confident that only together we can assert our rights, gain respect for seniors within authorities and improve our own life.

So, thank you all once again for being with us: I am grateful to all UARP members and sympathizers, our website and social network followers, friends and like-minded people, all those who support us morally and may want to support the association financially.

Не that is with us is not against us!

Faithfully yours,

Volodymyr Dziobak

Head of the UARP Council

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