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Events in Ukraine on 22 October 2014.

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Briefly about the most important today's events in our digest of events

that have happened in Ukraine today

Rebels attack less: 30 times on Debaltseve, Avdiivka and not only

The intensity of attacks on positions of ATO forces has decreased, the ATO press centre  and the organizer of the "Information Resistance" Dmytro Tymchuk  report in Facebook on the morning of October 22.

"The Night in Lugansk region and in the South of the ATO area including the city of Mariupol passed peacefully, no shelling at positions of Ukrainian divisions was detected. The intensity of firing into positions of ATO forces in other areas has decreased", the ATO press centre reports.

"Uncontrolled terrorist paramilitaries shelled our positions near the settlements of Avdiivka and Debaltsevo. There are no losses among Ukrainian soldiers," the press centre adds.

"PRD" has started a new wave of mobilization, and confiscated hardware for "defence" reasons

"The PRD leadership keeps talking about Ukraine's preparations for a "large-scale attack” due to be carried out after the parliamentary elections".

Several "mobilization measures" have been suggested to many organisations for that reason. In reality, these activities just try to justify a massive withdrawal of equipment and possessions "for needs of defence", Tymchuk informs.

Yet another phase of compulsory "mobilization" has been launched by the "PRD", he reports.

Tymchuk: Materiel and personnel have been hectically transferred from Russia to Donbass

Personnel, weapons and military equipment have been actively transferred from Russia to the Donbas territory in order to reinforce rebel groups, Dmitry Tymchuk reports on the morning of October 22.

Additionally, according to the IR, some groups of insurgents engaged in fighting near the town of Volnovakha have also been reinforced with personnel and equipment, mainly artillery.

OSCE observers have not spotted any cluster munitions in the ATO area

Representatives of international organizations have refuted information on the "use of cluster munitions" by Ukrainian forces in Donbas made public by the Human Rights Watch.

In particular, Mikhail  Bocyurkiv, a spokesman for the OSCE special monitoring mission to Ukraine, has denied the use of cluster munitions by the Ukrainian Army in an interview with DW.

"We have about 90 observers in Eastern Ukraine and would have recorded such cases if we had seen any; however, this hasn't happened so far", he said.

All cases of shelling in Donbas have been registered in OSCE observers' daily reports. Our observers respond immediately, as soon as they get to know the place of an accident.

The Ukrainian forces engaged in fighting in the area of military operations have no cluster munitions at their disposal, Vladislav Seleznyov, an ATO spokesman, told DW.

The last report of the Human Rights Watch presented information on the fact that the Ukrainian Army had allegedly used cluster munitions in Donbas in early October this year killing at least 6 civilians.

NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL said that Ukrainian military did not use banned cluster munitions...

One person died and five others wounded in the past 24 hours

One civilian died as a result of hostilities in the city of Donetsk on October 21 and five others received different types of wounds, the site of Donetsk City Hall reports.

Residential house #86 at Rayanska Street and a building of a private company were damaged in the past 24 hours as a result of shell strikes.

It is relatively quiet in the city as of 9.30. There have been no messages about armed clashes.

National Security Council has evidence that ATO forces have been fired upon by Russian "Smerch" systems

National Security Council representatives say they possess some evidence proving that ATO forces have been shelled by "Smerch" systems provided by Russia, a spokesman for the National Security and Defence Council Andriy Lysenko said when answering a question about banned cluster munitions used by rebels.

"According to the labelling, these cartridges were produced on June 16, 2013. Ukraine received such cartridges last time in 1991, which means we got them before becoming independent," he stressed.


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