Головним інструментом нинішніх олігархів є безправний люмпен, який живе на подачках від держави, на грані фізичного виживання. Ось чому значна частина пенсіонерів є найкращим їх електоратом, який і допомагає часто приводити до влади їх ставлеників. Для малого і середнього бізнесу сьогодні закриті економічні ліфти у цілих галузях економіки, бо з кожним роком сфери зацікавленості олігархії збільшуються, перекриваючи кисень усім іншим.

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Events in Ukraine on 28 November 2014.

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Briefly about the most important today's events in our digest of events

that have happened in Ukraine today

Press Centre: Rebels suffer losses, and shell towns and villages; 4 civilians wounded

ATO headquarters say that "separatists and Russian mercenaries suffer significant losses constantly, and complain to bosses of their own military incapability".

"Being angry of their failure to impair the defence line of ATO forces, terrorists fire upon peaceful towns and villages with all weapons," ATO press centre said on the morning of November 28.

According to information provided by law enforcement units, 13 shell strikes on inhabited settlements were detected across the territory of Lugansk and Donetsk regions within 24 hours.

"4 civilians were wounded in artillery attacks on the settlement of Stanyza Luganska from the side of the Lugansk city," ATO press centre adds.

Rebels fire at cars in Stanyzia Luganska; one dies as a result of the assault

Rebels of the so-called "PRL" carried out an attack on a fixed route bus and two cars near the settlement of Stanyzia Luganska that left one man dead and two wounded, the head of the Lugansk Regional State Administration, Gennady Moskal, reported on his website.

"One person was killed and several wounded. Further information on casualties is being found out," Moskal said.

Gunmen under the command of Kozitsyn and "PRL" divide the territory into spheres of influence while exchanging fire

Insurgents of the self-proclaimed PRL formation are attempting to win their influence back from Ataman Nikolai Kozitsyn, sources of the Ukrayinska pravda report. This information has also been confirmed in social networks.

According to the preliminary information, a military commandant, Vyacheslav Penizhanin, nicknamed "Flag" was shot in the town.

As result, Kozitsyn’s insurgents got alerted, and closed all the entrances to and exits from Anthracite. Buses with miners on board were not able to drive into the town from the side of the settlement of Rovenky.

Local residents are prohibited from coming outside, all day nurseries remain closed and shelters are opened.

It is a well-known fact that Kozitsyn is a citizen of Russia.

State Border Guard Service: Ukraine has no control of more than 400 km of the border line with the Russian Federation

Ukraine does not control a 409,3-kilometre segment of the border with the Russian Federation, which is temporarily controlled by armed factions, "Ukrinform" reports with a reference to the head of the State Border Guard Service, Lieutenant General Victor Nazarenko.

"We do not control a 409,3-kilometre section of the Russian-Ukrainian border today around  the whole Donetsk and partially Lugansk regions," he said.

He also notes that the Russian counterpart does not abide by agreements on border issues, as military equipment, weapons and mercenaries are constantly brought over to Donbas; media war is waged and sabotage activities are conducted.

National Security Council: one service member killed and three others wounded in the ATO area in the past 24 hours

One serviceman died, and three others were wounded in the area of the anti-terrorist operation, a spokesman for the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council (NSDC), Andriy Lysenko, reported at a briefing.

Füle accused Germany of the crisis in Ukraine

Having refused to give Ukraine an opportunity to become an EU member in 2013, Germany and other countries created a buffer zone, Füle believes.

A former European Commissioner for Enlargement, Štefan Füle, laid part of the blame for the crisis around Ukraine on the German government, as reported by Podrobnosti with a reference to an interview with Der Spiegel.

According to the politician, the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine was wrecked a year ago not only owing to the pressure exerted by Russia's President Vladimir Putin, but also to a rather hesitant stance on the part of European countries, in particular Germany, which refused to present Ukraine prospects to become part of the European Union.

"In fact, we said to the Ukrainians: We are sorry for your geographical position; however, you can join neither the East, nor the West", he added.

He called such a stance as "unheard" adding that it gives him a feeling of "deep sorrow".

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