Головним інструментом нинішніх олігархів є безправний люмпен, який живе на подачках від держави, на грані фізичного виживання. Ось чому значна частина пенсіонерів є найкращим їх електоратом, який і допомагає часто приводити до влади їх ставлеників. Для малого і середнього бізнесу сьогодні закриті економічні ліфти у цілих галузях економіки, бо з кожним роком сфери зацікавленості олігархії збільшуються, перекриваючи кисень усім іншим.

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Events in Ukraine on 29 December 2014.

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Briefly about the most important today's events in our digest of events

that have happened in Ukraine today

Power-generating unit 6 of the Zaporizhzhya NPP repaired and operational again

The Verkhovna Rada approves a budget for 2015

The Parliament has backed a state budget of Ukraine for 2015.

233 MPs voted in favour of this resolution.

"There is a proposal to vote for the bill "On the State Budget" taking into consideration all amendments repeated verbatim earlier", Arseniy Yatsenyuk said at the end of his speech.

"The Committee is to ensure that appropriate amendments are approved, and bear the signature of the Speaker. And we are going to adopt a new draft law "On the State Budget" on February 15," he stated.

Poroshenko: It been the most difficult year for the last 70 years

President Petro Poroshenko considers the passing year to be Ukraine's most difficult for the last 70 years, according to what he said at the beginning of his closing press-conference.

"The year 2014 is almost over. The year, which is certainly "giddy", and has been the most difficult one for the last 70 years, since 1945. The most difficult for my country, for Ukraine. And I believe a very difficult one for Europe and the entire world", he said.

"The world has become less safe, less predictable.  Post-war global security arrangements have been shattered. They do not work anymore," he asserted.

"No, I do not agree that the world has become bipolar. The world remains civilized. And the fact that the whole world has united around Ukraine, and demonstrated a strong unity and solidarity with Ukraine, proves that we have very serious reasons for optimism", the President said.

"But I am proud of how Ukraine has lived through this year. We have not simply withstood. We have found a decent solution to all these challenges," he said.

"Within these 7-8 months, we have managed to mobilize an unparalleled international support for Ukraine", Poroshenko added.

Poroshenko has signed an abolition of the status of a military non-aligned country and said, when a referendum on NATO would be held

President Petro Poroshenko inked during a news conference the law on abolishing Ukraine's status of a military non-aligned country, which had been approved by the Verkhovna Rada earlier.

According to him, the approval of such a law in 2010 was a "strategic and fundamental mistake", which led to the abolition of the Ukrainian army.

He assumed that Ukraine would be ready for people's declaration of will regarding a possible NATO membership in five or six years’ time.

Poroshenko announces a January meeting with Putin, Merkel and Hollande

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