Головним інструментом нинішніх олігархів є безправний люмпен, який живе на подачках від держави, на грані фізичного виживання. Ось чому значна частина пенсіонерів є найкращим їх електоратом, який і допомагає часто приводити до влади їх ставлеників. Для малого і середнього бізнесу сьогодні закриті економічні ліфти у цілих галузях економіки, бо з кожним роком сфери зацікавленості олігархії збільшуються, перекриваючи кисень усім іншим.

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Events in Ukraine on 19 October 2015.

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that have happened in Ukraine today


Poroshenko: 5 to 6 Years Needed to Join NATO

President Petro Poroshenko believes Ukraine needs to introduce appropriate reforms to be able to join NATO community, which may take 5 to 6 years according to his interview with CNN.

"My duty is to carry out reforms in my country, to transform it in line with NATO standards, and we are yet to have this discussion [about NATO membership - Ed.]. I think it will take 5-6 years," the president said in an interview with CNN when asked about Ukraine's membership in NATO Interfax-Ukraine reports. According to him, the issue of Ukraine's security is extremely important in a situation where the country has become an object of aggression. "NATO is currently one of the most effective security mechanisms," Poroshenko stated.

Ukrainian Forces Preparing for the Second Stage of the Withdrawal of Arms

in the ATO Area


The situation in the ATO area was peaceful throughout the day yesterday, the ATO press centre posted on Facebook. "Ukrainian military in accordance with the Minsk agreements are finishing the preparation process of weapons to be pulled back from the demarcation line," a report reads. According to the General Staff, the second phase of withdrawal is due to be launched tomorrow, Oct. 20, and should be implemented by both parties simultaneously. Thus, we have to wait for our enemy to get ready for this, too," the ATO Headquarters asserted.

UK Defence Ministry Accuses Russia of Killing Hundreds of Syrian Civilians

The “logic” for British jets carrying out air strikes against terrorists in Syria is now “inescapable”, the Defence Secretary has said as he raised the prospect of an “accidental confrontation” with Russia if the UK goes to war in the region.

Michael Fallon said that the British military should be deployed in Syria to tackle Isil jihadists if the Government is able to get Parliamentary approval.

However, he admitted that he is worried that it could lead to an “accidental confrontation” with Russian forces, which are now carrying out operations in the region.

Mr Fallon said that Russian aggression in the region should not “divert us for a moment from our focus against Isil”.

He also said that Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch attacks in Syria is “prolonging the conflict” and helping to “prop up” the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

 “The RAF strikes are done to very strict rules of engagement. They’ve been striking in Iraq for a year where so far there have been no civilian casualties. The Russians have been at in Syria for a couple of weeks and independent reports estimate that they’ve killed several hundred people already.”


ATO Headquarters: No Casualties in the ATO Area in the Past 24 Hours

No casualties were reported in the area of the anti-terrorist operation in the past 24 hours, a spokesman for the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council, Andriy Lysenko, reported at a briefing on Monday.

According to him, no rebel UAVs were observed in the sky above the ATO area.

ATU Headquarters: OSCE Completes the Verification of Withdrawn Weapons

in the Lugansk Region

OSCE Observers have completed the verification of withdrawn weapons in the Lugansk region and will release their report soon, a spokesman for the Presidential Administration on ATO issues, Andriy Lysenko, reported at a traditional briefing on Monday.

As reported earlier, the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine announced that rebels demonstratively pulled back their weapons in the day time, so that OSCE observers could record this fact, and returned armaments to front lines at night.

The ATO Headquarters announced about plans to launch the second phase of withdrawal in the Donetsk region on Tuesday, October 20.

"PRD gunmen" reported earlier that they would withdraw tanks on October 21.

Poroshenko Does Not Believe That Putin Would Comply With the Peace Treaty in Donbass

President Petro Poroshenko does not believe that Putin has chosen to seek a way for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Donbass according to his interview with CNN.

“One of the things people are trying to figure out in the West is, [whether] Vladimir Putin is searching for a negotiated settlement in Ukraine? Is he searching for a way to deescalate the situation, to stabilize the situation because he faces a shrinking economy, sanctions, a collapse of oil prices, and now, of course, he has this intervention in Syria? Do you believe that Putin is looking for some kind of settlement?” the President said.

“I wish, but unfortunately, no. Unfortunately, we have an active committed operation and only now, we have a cease-fire. But unfortunately we don't have any continuation of the implementation of the Minsk process. The same as I told you, the first decision which Putin should make is withdraw his troops from Ukrainian territory. And I think that the absolutely irresponsible behaviour of Russia in Syria, when he launched this operation, this is simply continued the logic, logic which we said even last year, at first, it was the Crimea, second, it was Donbass, third, it is Syria, fourth maybe, I don't know, Afghanistan.

And nobody knows where the Russian green soldiers can appear in the very next moment.” he asserted.

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