Головним інструментом нинішніх олігархів є безправний люмпен, який живе на подачках від держави, на грані фізичного виживання. Ось чому значна частина пенсіонерів є найкращим їх електоратом, який і допомагає часто приводити до влади їх ставлеників. Для малого і середнього бізнесу сьогодні закриті економічні ліфти у цілих галузях економіки, бо з кожним роком сфери зацікавленості олігархії збільшуються, перекриваючи кисень усім іншим.

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A piece of folk's advice for the President and the parliament on the eve of the negotiations, 20 January 2014 from the oldest generation of Ukraine (Or do not dig a hole for Ukraine, Daddy)

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There is no wiser teacher than the people

(M. Rylskiy)

Dear Victor Fedorovych and members of the parliament,

we the oldest generation in the state, gray-haired pensioners, veterans, whose number constitutes about 14 million people of Ukrainian society, assumed responsibility and obligation to teach you a lesson -  a lesson of life, history, truth, strength and freedom! Of course, not everyone likes to be lectured, especially such "educated people" as you. Still, please accept our advice with dignity, without deprecation and with pride in the fact, that there are still glorious grey beards toughened by a lifetime of battling and campaigns, wars and revolutions in the Ukrainian state. And do not disgrace the names of your ancestors, who lived in this territory, because all of you and your families will have nowhere to live apart from Ukraine considering the events that have arisen lately...

We are writing and explaining you in simple words, for it is intelligible, if it is simple. Besides, we do not know how to string people along the way your fake teachers are likely to do by giving you antinational instructions and "teaching" you in their own manner, which is advantageous to them…

Victor Fedorovych, you have only heard dispraise and blame, accusations and resentments in your address for some time past. There must be a reason for that… That is true - you were trusted a mission to administer the affairs of the state at such a turning historical point. And you failed to accomplish that. Why do you not just admit it? Do we blame you as well? No, we do not. We pray for you and ask God to make you listen to reasons (and this is not an insult. On the contrary, it is folk wisdom, which is meant to set you in the right way). We pray to God to give you the strength to admit that you are causing a disaster, and to give you courage to stop before it is too late.


1. Listen to the heart of your people! And the heart of your people speaks through the Maidan!

2. Do not act in a sly manner! Neither in the face of your people, nor in front of the world public. Do not do actions that outrage or bring you into discredit in the eyes of others. There are some gangs of youth today deliberately drawn up in the parks, who are paid for being there (you cannot call them with other words, but (until you are in power) they will have gone by tomorrow. And the Ukrainian nation exists and will be existing for ever! Do not lead astray the European Union anymore by not settling the undertaken obligations. Once again, you do not harm the people of Ukraine, but do it to yourself and your families.

3. Do not dig a hole! You have already dug a big enough hole by passing the new laws, which Ukraine and the whole world called the height of absurdity. Those who dug it will fall into it.

4. Do not spit into spring, because you will need to drink from it! How about the spring of the nation and spirituality? There is a complete disaster there! The Ukrainian people have always been famous for their kindness and love, devotion and peacefulness. During the days of Maidan, it was stressed every minute that this was a peaceful protest. Still, the authorities gave instructions, and the people got battered to death. The people of Maidan pray for the nation, but the authorities accuse UGCC and allow themselves things which are appropriate only for God. There are free people standing on Maidan but the state authority is considering how to put people behind bars and what asset to charge with. That is what we call a source of the sacred truth! People went out to you with “peace and bread” and you (the state authority) welcomed them with batons and handcuffs. The thirst will force you to drink from this folk's well!

5. As you sow you shall mow. And your children and grandchildren will mow it too. If you sow seeds of discord and blood, hatred and evil, then that is exactly what you will find at home. It only remains unknown, which country you consider your home - Ukraine or Russia?  You should have supported the Ukrainian people, especially the young generation. They will be living in this country. Because we, seniors, are already living out our days. And believe me, we do not want back to the union with Russia.

6. Do not act on a short lead of Russia for the sake of  a tasty "free" piece of bait, because those greedy people won't devour the Ukrainian nation (the whole nation will be stuck in their gizzard!!!), but will devour you, your business and your wealth, your families.

7. Do not put your will higher than the will of the people of Ukraine! The people are the only carrier of power, have the full right of freedom and declaration of will. Let Ukraine make its choice, and do not do it "personally" instead of us. Ukraine made its choice a long time ago with half a million people at the square. How wonderful it is that the Maidan has woken up having found fresh power after a brief intermezzo.

8. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. And that is where you made a mistake. Having rejected the Association Agreement with the EU (as if you put it off until later) you are trying to stall and disguise holes by means of Russia's loans, which you made during the years in power. The problem is that if there are holes, then there must be mice stealing through those holes.

9. If you run after two hares, you will catch neither. So why are you dishonestly acting on two fronts now (EU, Russia)? And the more you stall on the unsettled deal, the more problems, absurdity, condemnation from the Ukrainian and the world community it is drawing. You should understand one thing - you won't be able to justify yourself. So, please, just stop! Your deeds and actions, unreasoned and non-governmental, political and personal moves set up a large school of civil society and skilful self-organization. It is not possible to slow down or stop the processes that have been started. The only way out now is to fulfil the will of your people! And it is painful to watch your ignoring, Victor Fedorovych. How petrifying it is, when a President is afraid of his own people, afraid to go among his people, to the Maidan!

10. Score twice before you cut once. And please tell us, who thinks anything through in the parliament or in the presidential secretariat? Who advises with anyone? Who asks people? Who follows popular will? You get an impression that a law is passed within several seconds by one man. The newly passed “laws of absurd” were adopted on 16th January as though during a fire. As if in an attack of madness. Goodness, not being funny but the state authorities also consist of citizens who seem to be confused badly. And just as a person performs insane acts in the heat of passion, the state authority behaved the same way driven to despair and caused something they did not realize themselves!  We pray once again: Bring them to their senses, Lord! "Come to your senses, people, for it will be a disaster!"

11. Never cackle till your egg is laid. It's too early for you, guys in power to cackle. You haven't done anything good for your nation yet. Still, you are going on about it non stop. Many years of robbing the country made themselves felt. And it is so obvious now, how you seized the opportunity to disguise your "improvements" by borrowing billions. Thus, we have been held hostages by Russian gas contracts in which case we'd rather get free and go and fly to where there is freedom! Don't be afraid of freedom! Don't be afraid of your conscience! Act the way the heart of your people tells you to, not just a wish to please someone else. We count on Europe. And believe us, our life, experience, grey hair at the temples and wrinkles on our foreheads, wounds in the hearts and in the soul help us see clearly. We know well, where we are more beloved and respected, and where we are believed to be slaves.

The whole Ukrainian nation, the whole world knows about what is going on. And only Almighty God knows how it all will finish. May God bring you to your senses and sets you in the path of truth! If you do not understand that yourself, then it is a big trouble. Once upon a time, when being crucified, Jesus Christ asked God to forgive big criminals, who had been crucified together with him. And we ask God to forgive you, because you do not understand what you are doing.

And your words, Victor Fedorovych, "the Lord gave us this test, and we must go through it with an open face, look people straight in the eye" should make you think about what you said once. Obviously, it might be just one of your dreams to see the whole country gathered at one place. So, come on! To the people! With an open face! Look straight in the eye! In the eye of every man, who stands up for Ukraine at the Maidan!

Accept this folk advice from us, gray-haired grandfathers (God is our witness, we have seen more than you), follow the popular will, may peace spread all over Ukraine and over every house!

Pensioners of Ukraine

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