Головним інструментом нинішніх олігархів є безправний люмпен, який живе на подачках від держави, на грані фізичного виживання. Ось чому значна частина пенсіонерів є найкращим їх електоратом, який і допомагає часто приводити до влади їх ставлеників. Для малого і середнього бізнесу сьогодні закриті економічні ліфти у цілих галузях економіки, бо з кожним роком сфери зацікавленості олігархії збільшуються, перекриваючи кисень усім іншим.

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Events in Ukraine on 10 February 2015.

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Briefly about the most important today's events in our digest of events

that have happened in Ukraine today

Militants carried out attacks on the ATO Headquarters in Kramatorsk: 3 killed, and 15 others wounded

"25 minutes ago a 'Tornado' multiple rocket launcher hit 'Sarmat', the General Staff of the anti-terrorist forces situated in Kramatorsk. Shells hit the headquarters, and the residential areas of Kramatorsk," Poroshenko announced while delivering a speech in the parliament on Tuesday.

According to the president, the attack resulted in deaths and injuries among military personnel and civilians; the precise number of casualties is currently unknown.

He noted that both Kramatorsk and Slovyansk are part of a safe zone, and soldiers serving there are not considered to be ATO participants.

In addition, the head of the Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry in Donetsk region, Vyacheslav Abroskin, wrote on Facebook that, "according to preliminary data, one person is dead, and six civilians are wounded." The press service of the Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry in Donetsk region reported that the shelling of Kramatorsk had lasted 5 minutes.

"One of the shells hit the territory of airfield. The blast damaged means of transport and retail facilities on streets adjacent to the airfield," the statement reads. The police are verifying information on casualties.

The Donetsk Regional State Administration also reported that, according to preliminary information, shells were fired with Tornado multiple rocket launcher systems near the rebel-controlled town of Gorlivka. They hit the airfield and houses near Kramatorsk. The scale of destruction is being ascertained.

"It's worth mentioning that Tornado multiple rocket launcher systems are in the operational service of the Russian Armed Forces," a statement released by the regional state administration reads.


Tymchuk: Rebels flushed out ATO forces in several directions near Debaltseve

Rebels have flushed out ATO forces of their positions in several directions near Debaltseve; in particular, they have occupied army positions near the village of Logvynove, the head of the Information Resistance Group, MP Dmytro Tymchuk, posted in  Facebook on February 10.

According to the IRG, Ukrainian artillery strikes on focus areas and ways of enemy tactical force movements have only put off further attacks and provided a limited effect.

"Ukrainian artillery consistently carried out two saturation attacks on rebel positions in this area resulting in only partial withdrawal of some rebel groups. Additionally, Ukrainian troops carried out a number of strikes on rebel positions near the settlements of Vuglegirsk and Novogrygorivka, with limited effect as well," Tymchuk adds.

"Azov" reports on recapturing of Pavlopol and a major military offensive

Ukraine's Azov battalion announced in Vkontakte its servicemen launched an offensive on Tuesday morning heading to the town of Novoazovsk in Donetsk region.

“As of 8:00 a.m., the settlement of Shyrokine got under our control.  Fierce fighting is under way," it states.

Both sides are using various types of weapons.

"Azov is going on the offensive on Sakhanka," it said later in Twitter adding that the Russian air forces had crossed the border three times without attacking Ukrainian forces.

Defence Ministry: Situation near Debaltseve is under control of ATO forces

The Ministry of Defence claims that the situation near Debaltseve is controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to  press-service  reports on Tuesday morning.

"The situation around the town of Debaltseve in Donetsk region is under control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Available forces and equipment are currently being regrouped for further hostilities," a statement reads.

A road section connecting Debaltseve with Artemivsk was relieved thanks to efforts of Ukrainian servicemen.

Military reserves and materiel are drawn up to the battleground. All rebel assaults were successfully repelled by ATO forces.

Currently, the situation is complicated, but controllable. Terrorists suffered significant losses in personnel and materiel, the statements reads.

Linkevičius confirmed that sanctions had been postponed upon Ukraine's request

The European Union has postponed implementing new sanctions against representatives of the Russian authorities, as well as against the People Republic of Donetsk / People Republic of Lugansk, upon a request from Ukraine, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius said as reported by Delfi.lt.

He said that the implementation of new sanctions has been delayed for several days to deprive the Russian party of reasons to miss the meeting in Minsk on Wednesday.

However, it doesn't mean the EU sanctions have been lifted or softened, the minister stated.

The Normandy format meeting in Minsk is scheduled for February 11.

As reported earlier, the EU foreign ministers announced on Monday that they would delay the implementation of sanctions against a new group of individuals and companies from Russia and eastern Ukraine.

The ministers asserted this should give an impetus to start negotiations between all interested parties.

7 servicemen killed, and 24 wounded in the past 24 hours

7 servicemen were killed and 23 others wounded in Donbas ATO area over the past 24 hours, an acting spokesman for the Ukrainian General Staff, Vladislav Selezniov, said.

"Seven servicemen were killed and 23 sustained wounds in clashes and attacks on positions of ATO forces," Selezniov said at a briefing in Kyiv on Tuesday.

Ukrainian hospitals take care of 559 wounded servicemen, including 28 in serious conditions, he added.

2 civilians killed as a result of shelling in Popasna

2 civilians were killed as a result of rebel shelling in Popasna, a spokesman for the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council, MP Andriy Lysenko, reported at a briefing.

According to him, rebels tried to storm the settlements of Logvynove, Novogrygorivka, and Komuna in Artemivsk district. The MP assured that all attacks had been repelled. Fighting for these settlements and near Debaltseve is still going on.

"Outlaws are firing upon Debaltseve on a twenty-four hour basis,” Lysenko said.

Popasna and Novogrygorivka are severely affected. 

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