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Events in Ukraine on 14 April 2015.

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Briefly about the most important today's events in our digest of events

that have happened in Ukraine today


Militants become more active: 26 shell strikes overnight. A UAV shot down

Gunmen carried out 26 attacks on positions of the Ukrainian Army yesterday evening and overnight including those with heavy weapons, ATO press centre reported on the morning of April 14.

Representatives of the so-called PRD and PRL breached the ceasefire at the demarcation line 26 times in the period from 6 p.m. 13 April to midnight  mostly committing mortars, including 120-mm ones (in 8 cases).

The most intense situation was in Donetsk region, where rebels intensively fired on positions of ATO forces near the settlements of Pisky, Avdiyivka, Opytne and the Dutovka mine with mortars, tanks, AA mounts, and automatic grenade launchers and machine-guns.

Army positions were shelled with 120-mm artillery at 7.20 and 9.10 pm near Avdiyivka and Pisky. In addition, gunmen reportedly committed to action "incendiaries" near Avdiyivka in the period between 10 and 11 p.m.

The Monday evening witnessed no attacks in Mariupol area.

"The enemy assaulted our checkpoint located near Stary Aidar, Lugansk region, two times with machine-guns, and fired 120-mm mortars on our positions near Sukhodol,” the ATO press centre reports.

Additionally, "insurgents extensively conducted air intelligence". Ukrainian military recorded 8 enemy drones in Lugansk region and near Mariupol. One of them was shot down over the village of Teple near Stanyzia Luganska with anti-aircraft weapons of the Armed Forces.

IRG: Militants intensified reconnaissance in the Lugansk direction,

and were not allowed inland

A significant intensification of rebel reconnaissance has been observed in the Lugansk direction, the founder of the Information Resistance Group Dmitry Tymchuk reported.

"At least 11 enemy UAVs were spotted during last two days near the settlements of Krymske, Novotoshkivka, Schastya, Tryokhizbenka, Sokolnyky," he posted on the morning of April 14 in Facebook.

According to his data, rebel sabotage and reconnaissance groups attempted to enter into tactical depth of defence of the Ukrainian Army at least 4 times in several sectors in the Severodonetsk direction and once near the settlement of Schastya.

IRG: Militants continue to draw up forces to a number of positions,

which are brought over with supply convoys


Militants mass personnel and build up materiel in an area between Dokuchayevsk and Telmanove and move up military hardware to Novotoshkivka, Krymske, and Tryokhizbenka, the founder of the Information Resistance Group, Dmytro Tymchuk, posted in  Facebook on the morning of April 14.

"Materiel movements are still carried out through Lugansk and across a rebel-held section of the Bakhmutka highway toward army positions deployed near Novotoshkivka, Krymske and Tryokhizbenka," he posted.

"The process of massing personnel and building up combat materiel continues in an area between Dokuchayevsk and Telmanove. Rebels reportedly set up new positions near Starobeshevo from the side of the settlements of New Laspa and Dokuchayevsk," Tymchuk wrote.

Tymchuk: Rebels use new "night" gun sights made in the RF

Rebels committed "nomadic" tanks near Pisky over the weekend and, presumably, used new Russian "night" gun sights, the founder of the Information Resistance Group, Dmytro Tymchuk, posted in  Facebook on the morning of April 14.

He stressed that "Russian and terrorist forces deployed in Donbas continued to fire on positions of Ukrainian troops and civilian targets often using small arms as well as heavy weapons, which should have been pulled back from the demarcation line in accordance with the Minsk agreement".

"As judged by accuracy and engagement ranges, rebels may have used T-72BA with new Russian "night" gun sights committing a T-64B tank and a ZU-23-2 antiaircraft mount to cover rebels' attacks and retreat" he noted.

6 Ukrainian servicemen killed in the ATO area

Six soldiers were killed in the ATO area in the past 24 hours, a spokesman for the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council, Andriy Lysenko, reported at a briefing.

"6 service members died and 12 others were wounded as a result of rebels' provocative actions in the past 24 hours”, Lysenko said.

The Colonel also noted that insurgents had carried out 16 attacks with 120-mm mortars, 2 with 122-mm cannons and had committed tanks three times.

The fiercest battles raged in the Mariupol direction near Pavlopol and Shyrokine, in the Donetsk direction near the village of Granitne, the Donetsk airport and in the suburbs of Orlivka, in the Lugansk direction near the Sukhodil area.

The tensest situation was observed yesterday in the suburbs of Donetsk and around Avdiyivka, Opytne and Pisky.

Lysenko also noted that 8 UAVs had been spotted in the sky in the past 24 hours. Ukrainian military managed to shoot down one rebel drone. 

Fedichev: Militants discuss an offensive and move equipment

Militants continue to move up military equipment to the demarcation line, ATO Deputy Commander Valentyn Fedichev reports.

"Russian generals organised a meeting of leaders of illegal armed formations on 9 and 12 April in Gorlivka, where they discussed operation plans during an offensive, which is under way," he said.

According to Fedichev, three columns of Russian materiel consisting of 40 to 50 trucks each went for this reason toward the town of Popasna.

"The latest lot of military equipment arrived in Debaltseve exactly for this reason, and included up to 20 APCs and 10 tanks; another column consisting of 12 tanks arrived in Bryanka, which were then transferred to the territory of a mining equipment repair plant," he said.

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