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Events in Ukraine on 15 April 2015.

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Briefly about the most important today's events in our digest of events

that have happened in Ukraine today


Tanks and reinforcements arrive in Donetsk, and military hardware in Telmanove

27 military vehicles were seen repositioning in the ATO area in the past 24 hours, 9 of which were moving unaccompanied.

As reported by Dmitry Tymchuk from the Information Resistance Group, supply transport normally moves on the "North" route (11 units) from Lugansk through Alchevsk toward Yenakiyevo and Gorlovka and beyond Debaltseve.

Another column went past Amvrosiivka to Starobeshevo, and the third one to Snizhne.

In addition, some more combat materiel and personnel were observed repositioning:

- 7 tanks came to Donetsk through Makiyivka (2 of which had been repaired after battles for Debaltseve). The column was safeguarded (two ICV-2s).

- Rebels were carrying out active engineer activities near Telmanove. 4 units of military hardware were repositioned to this area (3 ICV-2s, and 1 MT-LB).

- Rebels stationed in Kuibyshevsky district of the city of Donetsk received reinforcements (100 to 120 soldiers). This rebel division has 5 tanks and 3 truck cars at its disposal now and is armed with 120-mm mortars.


23 attempts to attack yesterday evening, once OSCE observers had departed

Donbas rebels breached the ceasefire 23 times in the period between 6 pm and midnight April 14.

As reported by the press centre, the enemy attacked Ukrainian checkpoints 4 times with 120-mm mortars and once with tanks.

Outlawed units of gunmen fired grenade launchers and machine-guns near Avdiivka and Opytne.

Positions of ATO forces stationed near the village of Chermalyk were mortared near Mariupol.

Insurgents carried out 6 attacks on a Ukrainian stronghold near Shyrokine with small arms.

"The attacks began at 5.30 pm after the departure of representatives of an inspection team of the OSCE special monitoring mission in Ukraine, who worked there that day", the ATO Headquarters stressed.

An armed clash occurred near Sokolnyky in Lugansk region about 8 pm, during which rebels committed mortars, AA mounts, automatic and anti-tank grenade launchers. "Ukrainian servicemen drove the enemy back," the ATO Headquarters said.

Also, Russian and terrorist forces fired on positions of Ukrainian military near Schastya and Orikhove, Lugansk region, with small arms.

Ukrainian law enforcement units recorded 22 enemy drones in the period from 8 to 10 pm. One of them flying at a height of more than 3000 meters from Starobilsk toward Lyman, Lugansk region, was shot down with an anti-aircraft missile complex.

No attacks on inhabited settlements were recorded in the above-mentioned period.

Tymchuk: Pisky attacked 7 times in the past 24 hours,

militants employ cunning tactics

The tensest situation in the past 24 hours was in the sector Pisky-Avdiivka, including the Donetsk airport and Opytne, the head of the Information Resistance Group, MP Dmytro Tymchuk, posted in  Facebook on the morning of April 15.

Positions of ATO forces were attacked near Pisky 7 times in the past 24 hours, that's including 4 attacks with 120-mm mortars, he writes.

Apart from that, forward positions of Ukrainian troops located in this area were attacked by a rebel group, which was supported by four units of military hardware. The enemy lost two military vehicles and one ACV (MT-LB) as a result of fighting, Tymchuk reported.

"In the course of the battle, terrorists committed two AA mounts ZU-23-2 and several AHS-17 grenade launchers, while trying to put down fire of Ukrainian units, which were on the defensive," he writes.

Also, rebel attacks were recorded near the settlements of Opytne, Mayorske, Leninske, Troizke, and Krymske (4 times).

“When attacking, rebels use the following tactics: a group of 10 to 15 fighters secretly moves to forward positions of Ukrainian military being backed by 1 to 2 mortar detachments armed with 120-mm or 82-mm mortars, and sometimes by 2 to 4 units of military hardware, and carries out short fire attacks on army positions at an effective range," Tymchuk said.

"When raiding, insurgents are armed with small arms and heavy machine guns - they attempt to take advantage by using those weapons, and suppress counteractions of self-defending Ukrainian units," he writes.

"Sometimes, rebels use 2 to 3 groups, one of which would serve as a supporting force (base of fire)," Tymchuk adds.

General Staff: 1 service member killed

and 2 others wounded in the ATO area in the past 24 hours

1 military died, and 2 others were wounded in the area of the anti-terrorist operation in the past 24 hours, a spokesman for the Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council, Andriy Lysenko, reported at a briefing on Wednesday.

"One soldier was killed and two others were wounded in the ATO area as a result of hostilities," he said.

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