Головним інструментом нинішніх олігархів є безправний люмпен, який живе на подачках від держави, на грані фізичного виживання. Ось чому значна частина пенсіонерів є найкращим їх електоратом, який і допомагає часто приводити до влади їх ставлеників. Для малого і середнього бізнесу сьогодні закриті економічні ліфти у цілих галузях економіки, бо з кожним роком сфери зацікавленості олігархії збільшуються, перекриваючи кисень усім іншим.

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Growing older is not for us! 13 rules for staying young in 2013

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Most of us associate youth with physical and mental health. If a person can do things they enjoy, keep an active lifestyle, feel themselves happy, such person can consider themselves young and full strength. Not the years make a person older, but that they don't use a huge resource of youth, health and longevity inherent in the human organism. It is in our power to postpone aging, to make this process slow and unnoticeable.

 The rules of your youth:

1st rule. Keep to a healthy lifestyle.

Get rid of bad habits, quit smoking, do not abuse alcohol, eat less sweets. Everyone knows about the harmful influence of bad habits, but not everyone keeps to this rule, which contributes to the youth of our body.

2nd rule. Follow to your nourishment and digestion.

If you want to preserve your youth reconsider your nourishment. Do not overeat. Reduce the number of calories from 2.500 to 1.500. This will reduce the load on the body's cells and will keep them active. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, drink herbal teas. Chew your food properly. It contributes to the production of digestive enzymes, helps to normalize bowel tone. As a result, useful substances from food are digested better and waste products are removed from the body. Drink clean water. It appears that by lack of liquid our body feels stress and our brain becomes signals similar to signals of hunger. We start eating instead of drinking. In this case, unnecessary nutrients are stored in our body and by the time it is hard to recognize our body because of nutrient excess.

3nd rule. Take vitamins!

Do not underestimate the importance of vitamins for human body. We need vitamins to activate the formation of tissues and their renovation and for normal functioning of internal organs and human systems. It is hard to manage today without additional taking of polyvitamins. Especially it concerns people that live in ecological unfavorable regions. For the prophylactic purpose it is recommended to take vitamin and mineral complexes from 1 to 3 times a year, over a period of 1-2 months. However, don't forget about moderation. Excess amounts of vitamins are also harmful, it can lead to hypovitaminosis.

4th rule. Keep the fast!

Scientists have proved that fast is useful and important to the human body: alternate Lenten fare with meat and vice-versa, it will strengthen your immune system, improve internal organ function, well-being and health. Lenten fair promotes soft cleansing of our body of toxins and waste products, helps to remove excess liquid and reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol. But not everyone should keep a strict fast. For those, who suffer from chronic or genetic diseases (diabetes mellitus, digestive diseases, cardiovascular diseases etc.) it's better to consult a doctor.

5th rule. Healthy sleep.

Healthy sleep promotes nervous system recovery and renovation of body cells. Sleep in a cool room. Studies have shown, that those who sleep at the room temperature of 17-18°C stay young longer.

6th rule. Move more.

Even light physical activity will help to preserve your youth. Moderate physical activity improves blood circulation, heart function, delays skin aging, keeps joints and tendons flexible. Walking is an excellent form of physical activity.

7th rule. Avoid unnecessary stress.

Long-term exposure to stress might lead to negative health effects and hasten the aging process. Stress is a cause of many diseases (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, autoimmune etc.). That's why we should resist stress, think positive and do not lose our life energy.

8th rule. Adopt a pet.

It has been proved, people that have pets are not so inclined to depressions and some illnesses, they restore their energy quicker and live longer. Caring for a pet distract from negative thoughts and save from loneliness.

9th rule. Get medical attention promptly.

Do not ignore chronic pain, contact your doctor better. Don't do self-medication. Do not forget, a timely visit to a physician is an important factor for your full and quick disease treatment. Do not neglect disease prophylaxis. Visit your dentist.

10th rule. Fall in love!

Love is the most powerful remedy against aging! Love is the most powerful healing elixir. And age is not a hindrance to it. Love renovates, refreshes and inspires. It is generally known that family people live longer, they are socially and physically more active.

11th rule. Get more fresh air.

Especially this rule concerns city dwellers. We need clean, fresh air for our health and well-being. Oxygen is necessary for cellular metabolism. The more time you spend in nature, the longer you will be cheerful and active.

12th rule. Train your brain.

Studies have shown that to preserve youth and health, human brain as well as the human body needs training. New knowledges, skills and hobbies strengthen the brain and protect it from age changes. Read more, learn foreign languages, try new activities, travel, it will all help to preserve clear mind, memory and make your life happier.

13th rule. Live in harmony with yourself.

Always aim at complete harmony of thoughts and emotions and deeds. Try to treat everything with humor and optimism, laugh more, be friendly to others. The most efficient way to delay aging is your inner attitude, a positive attitude to your age. Most destructive human habit is trying to find in oneself signs of aging, decrepitude and weakness. A person has enough creative power to resist the conviction that aging is inevitable.

Make this phrase your motto:" As long as my spirit is young, as long as I feel myself young, I won't grow older!"

May these 13 rules make your life better in 2013!  May you stay forever young and happy and have a long life!

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